ANGAIR's achievements in the last 50 years:


Input into local issues

  • Acquisition and protection of areas such as the Elizabeth Street Reserve, Ironbark Basin, Urquhart Bluff coastal heathlands and the Anglesea heathlands
  • Anglesea sewerage line from Point Roadknight to Anglesea
  • Raised $40,000 to object to land use at Urquhart Bluff
  • Instrumental in formation of Great Ocean Road Committee
  • Alcoa Management Plan for Anglesea Heath
  • Conservation covenants placed on Ironbark Basin at Point Addis, and Mellors Swamp and Painkalac Creek at Aireys Inlet
  • Mt Ingoldsby area added to National Estate listing
  • State Government’s inquiry into pest plants
  • Creation of Merrans Reserve, Fairhaven
  • Creation of Greenhood Reserve, Aireys Inlet
  • 250ha of land along coast from Hutt Gully to estuary of Painkalac Creek placed on Register of National Estate
  • Community partner in the Anglesea Heath Partnership Agreement
  • Creation of Snow Gum Reserve, Bellbrae
  • Anglesea Heath Management Plan
  • Lobbied for Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries
  • Establishment of the Anglesea Kangaroo Action Group
  • Purchase of Schutz land at Urquhart Bluff
  • Partner in establishing the Anglesa Community Indigenous Garden
  • Protection of Swamp Helmet Orchid Corybas fordhamii site on Alcoa Boundary Track
  • Aireys Inlet to Eastern View Neighbourhood Character Study and Vegetation Assessment
  • Lobbied for Great Otway National Park
  • Route of the Aireys Inlet sewerage pipeline to the Anglesea treatment plant
  • Aireys Inlet Recreation Infrastructure Group
  • Anglesea Community Precinct Masterplan
  • Anglesea Borefield Project – location of infrastructure
  • Eastern Otways Trailbike Reference Group
  • Land and Biodiversity at a time of climate change Green Paper
  • National Bitou Bush & Boneseed Management Group

Maintenance of nature reserves

  • Edna Bowman Reserve
  • Fairyland Reserve
  • Upgraded Ironbark Basin dam
  • Planting of indigenous species in Anglesea roundabout
  • Anglesea Community Indigenous Garden landscaping

Publications available from ANGAIR

  • A Bushland Drive
  • Anglesea A Natural History Study
  • The Flowers of Anglesea River Valley
  • Coastal Vegetation of Anglesea-Aireys Inlet Region
  • Birds from Anglesea to Eastern View
  • Wind on the Heath film and video
  • Assisted Surf Coast Shire with production of information brochure for landowners in Heathland Estate, Anglesea
  • Environmental Weeds: Invaders of our Surf Coast
  • Plant Suitable for Growing in the Surf Coast Shire
  • Indigenous Wildlife of Anglesea and Aireys inlet
  • Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet
  • A Field Guide to the Orchids of the Anglesea District


  • Anglesea and Aireys Inlet Fire Brigades
  • Bird Hide at Distillery Creek (before and after the fires)
  • Land purchases near Point Addis
  • Jirrahlinga for rehabilitation of indigenous fauna injured in bushfires

Contributions to studies

  • Vegetation Regeneration study
  • Cinnamon Fungus effect
  • Grevillea infecunda study
  • Olearia pannosa survey (twice)
  • Collection of material for Boneseed seed longevity study

Plant discoveries & identifications

  • White Hyacinth Orchid Dipodium pardalinum
  • Merrans Sun Orchid Thelymitra x merraniae
  • Angahook Caladenia Caladenia maritime
  • Tall Wasp-orchid Chiloglottis trilabra
  • Green-striped Greenhood Pterostylis chlorogramma – listed as of State and National significance

Successful grant applications

  • Improved tracks and signs at Point Addis
  • Research into Rufous Bristlebird and Swamp Antechinus
  • Upgrade of Anglesea Lookout Reserve
  • Survey Velvet Daisy Bush Olearia pannosa at Point Addis
  • Documentation of significant flora in Anglesea area
  • Herbarium at the ANGAIR Natural History Centre
  • Protection of Anglesea saltmarsh and river
  • Anglesea Heath
  • Rehabilitation work on Cecil Track, Marshy Creek and Salt Creek
  • Coogorah Park Revegetation and Anglesea River Estuary Protection
  • Protection and rehabilitation within the Anglesea Heath
  • Weeding activities in area

Land acquisition

  • ANGAIR has been very active in ensuring that land of high conservation value remains in public hands. The acquisition and protection of areas such as the Elizabeth Street Reserve, Ironbark Basin, Urquhart Bluff coastal heathlands and the Anglesea heathlands have certainly been greatly influenced by ANGAIR's involvement and financial assistance. ANGAIR is ever alert to policies and developments that may adversely affect the well-being of sensitive and significant landscapes and their flora and fauna.

Register of the National Estate

  • ANGAIR has been actively involved in making recommendations, which have seen large areas of land near Anglesea listed on the Register of the National Estate.

For complete details of these achievements please refer to ANGAIR: the first fifty years

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