Saturday 17th March [St Patricks Day]

Ten Friends left St Bernards College Car Park at Grassy Creek, to walk to Grassy Creek Falls and return approx. 6kms.

The walk is not arduous although you are required to cross the creek eight times to reach the falls. This is achieved easily, there being plenty of boulders to use as stepping stones.

River Crossing

River crossings

The interesting aspect of this walk is the creek follows roughly the dividing line of cool temperate forest to the South West, and the drier Sclerophyllous more open woodland to the East, apparently brought about by some ancient Earth movement or volcanic effect.


The track winds through some old forest friends,with familiar understory plants we enjoyed identifying.


There was quite an array of different Fungi making for excellent photography.

Tall trees, ferns and mosses were features of the walk

The Golden Whistler serenaded us along the way with other calls including Grey Fantails, Currawongs and the Grey Shrike Thrush.

Morning tea in the old shelter

Lachie was brave enough to swim over to the small waterfall

The last tricky part walking to the lunch site

We returned about 2.30pm having enjoyed a lovely sunny day.

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