Anglesea, Aireys Inlet Society for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna (ANGAIR Inc)

While visiting Anglesea in spring of 1968, Edith Lawn innocently picked spider orchids for her art class to draw and learnt not only how much the locals prized the district’s flora, but also that she had broken the law.

Edith was horrified by her actions and wondered if other visitors were unaware of the laws protecting the indigenous fauna and flora. To make amends, she initiated a public meeting in Anglesea on 27 April 1969, to establish a society to protect the local flora and fauna. And so, ANGAIR was born.

Could Edith have possibly imagined that such a successful conservation organisation would flourish, and five decades later, we would be celebrating 50 years of caring for the environment?

Not only has ANGAIR grown to a membership of over 600, it has also notched up a long and remarkable list of initiatives and achievements.

As you enjoy our special local natural environment, pause to reflect that the beauty of this relatively unspoilt stretch of the Surf Coast is due in large part to the foresight of ANGAIR’s founders and the determination and hard work of several particularly dedicated individuals and the many members who’ve followed since 1969.


ANGAIR's initiatives and achievements


ANGAIR established First Constitution

Original logo designed

ANGAIR members appointed as Honorary Rangers

First report of Hoary Sun Orchid, Thelymitra mucida, in Anglesea District



First ANGAIR Nature Show



ANGAIR Newsletter News and Views produced

A Protected Wildflower Area signs installed at Anglesea and Aireys Inlet



Shire of Barrabool asked ANGAIR to care for Purnell Street Reserve



Shire acquired title to the Ironbark Basin Reserve and requested a meeting with ANGAIR regarding its future management



Purnell Street Reserve renamed Edna Bowman Reserve

ANGAIR successfully opposed plan to route sewage pipeline along beach



Weir built at Anglesea River mouth, despite ANGAIR’s opposition



First Edition of Anglesea: A Natural History Study published



Monthly Newsletter produced

Junior ANGAIR established



Fairyland Reserve under ANGAIR’s care



Celebration of ANGAIR’s 10th anniversary



Wildflower cards illustrated by Mary White produced



ANGAIR awarded Premier’s Conservation Prize—Oil painting by Neil Douglas



ANGAIR successfully opposed the use of the Dickinson land at Urquhart Bluff as farmland

First bird hide at Angahook–Lorne State Park built (lost in Ash Wednesday bushfires, 1983)



Vegetation Regeneration Study (10 year study) began after the devastating February bushfire with Margaret Wark as project leader. A total of 150 volunteers, with work supported by several grants, resulted in five scientific publications and greatly increased knowledge of the Anglesea vegetation



ANGAIR contributed to land purchase at Point Addis for addition to Ironbark Basin

ANGAIR became incorporated

Wrinkled Buttons, Leptorhynchos gatesii (now Leiocarpa gatesii), rediscovered behind Eastern View



Shire of Barrabool Council asked ANGAIR to plant indigenous species in the newly developed Coogoorah Park



Dickinson Land purchased by the State Government

Brochure Small Beautiful Useful (Mary D White) published

The endemic Anglesea Grevillea, Grevillea infecunda, given species status



Angahook State Park declared



First ANGAIR Weed Week



The Flowers of Anglesea River Valley (Mary D White) published



Coastal Vegetation of Anglesea–Airey’s Inlet Region (Mary D White) published

ANGAIR instrumental in formation of Great Ocean Road Committee

New bird hide built at Distillery Creek

Celebration of ANGAIR’s 21st anniversary at Rose Garden Restaurant

First report of White Hyacinth Orchid, Dipodium pardalinum, in Anglesea District



Official launch of Great Ocean Road Appeal for purchase of O’Donohue land



Elizabeth Street land reserved as public land (later known as Anglesea Bushland Reserve)

7,200ha of Alcoa Lease listed on the Register of the National Estate

Merran’s Sun Orchid, Thelymitra x merraniae rediscovered at Moggs Creek after 63 years

17.69ha Mansfield land purchased with public appeal funds



Prepared submissions for presentation at Panel Hearings for O’Donohue land and Mansfield land



215.8ha of O’Donohue land purchased by Federal and State Governments and added to the Angahook–Lorne State Park

69.43ha of Mansfield land purchased at public auction for $380,000 with public appeal funds, added to the Angahook–Lorne State Park and later officially named the Mary D White Reserve

ANGAIR logo redesigned



Membership badge produced

ANGAIR instrumental in having Conservation Covenants placed on Ironbark Basin, Mellors Swamp and Painkalac Valley

Birds from Anglesea to Eastern View (P Reilly) published—proceeds to land protection

Wind on the Heath film and video cassette produced



Celebration of Mary White’s life

Mount Ingoldsby added to National Estate Listing

Former Water Board Building became the venue for ANGAIR meetings

Formally opposed land subdivision of Merran’s Sun Orchid habitat at Fairhaven leading to creation of Merrans Reserve

Get to Know our Tracks walks introduced

Regular Monday morning working bees held

Project to seal the Ironbark Basin Dam commenced



New edition Anglesea: A Natural History Study

Greenhood Nature Reserve created

Ceremony for handover of O’Donohue, Mansfield and Schutz land to Marie Tehan, Minister for Conservation and Land Management

Wurmbea latifolia subsp. vanessae first reported in the Anglesea District



Publication of Environmental Weeds: Invaders of our Surf Coast

Official opening of Mary D White Resource Centre

Discovery of Angahook Caladenia, Caladenia maritima, a new species, endemic to Anglesea

Commenced regular monthly bird observation walks and regular monthly social evenings with guest speakers



Celebration of ANGAIR’s 30th anniversary



Inaugural Victorian Coastal Award for Excellence

ANGAIR heavily involved in Anglesea Heath Partnership Agreement between DNRE and Alcoa of Australia

ANGAIR’s first webpage went online

Borrowing from the ANGAIR library began with regular access hours



ANGAIR Vegetation Regeneration Project final publication

Newly appointed Governor of Victoria, John Landy, visited ANGAIR



Angahook–Lorne (Later Angahook–Otway) investigation by Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) with Margaret MacDonald as ANGAIR’s representative

The ANGAIR Fund was established

ANGAIR involved with launch of Anglesea Heath Management Plan

Marine National Parks and Sanctuaries proclaimed

Cynthia Paltridge bequest received (Future publications fund)

New series of flora cards by Ruth Hurst launched at annual dinner

Snow Gum Nature Reserve created



ANGAIR assisted with establishment of Anglesea Kangaroo Advisory Group

Lobbied State Government to purchase more Schutz land

Anglesea Community Indigenous Garden established



Commenced preparation of Flowers of Anglesea & Aireys Inlet

Plant Propagation Group established

Envirofund grants ($23,000 and $71,000) with Alcoa and Parks Victoria to protect and rehabilitate nationally significant heathland in the Anglesea Heath

Thelymitra hiemalis, the Winter Sun Orchid was first officially recorded in Anglesea



Great Otway National Park proclaimed

Worked with Barwon Water on route for the Aireys Inlet sewage pipeline to the Anglesea treatment plant



Manuka removed from Elizabeth Street Reserve (now Anglesea Bushland Reserve) with ecological burn carried out on ANGAIR’s recommendation

ANGAIR Weed Exchange Program initiated



Brochure Plants Suitable for Growing in the Surf Coast Shire published

Lease signed for ANGAIR Natural History Centre



Worked with Barwon Water and Ecology Australia re the location of infrastructure for the Anglesea Borefield Project

Discovery of Green-striped Greenhood, Pterostylis chlorogramma, a new record for the district



Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet (ed Margaret MacDonald) launched at the Senior Citizens Club rooms Anglesea

Orchids of Anglesea District 3rd ed. Everett Foster & Margaret MacDonald published with sponsorship from ANGAIR

Celebration of ANGAIR’s 40th anniversary



ANGAIR Mosaic created as part of Anglesea Art Walk

ANGAIR’s new website went on-line at

Anglesea Perimeter Walk incorporating Don’s Track established

Discovery of White Fingers, Caladenia aff. catenata, a new record for the district

Brochure Indigenous Wildlife of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet published

New special interest group Friends of Allen Noble Sanctuary established



Newsletter became available by email

ANGAIR hosted SEANA autumn campout at Anglesea

Garden at new Anglesea Primary School campus established

ANGAIR opposed expansion of Alcoa’s mining area in the Anglesea Heath

ANGAIR named as Finalist in Tidy Towns and Keep Australia Beautiful programs



ANGAIR’s Facebook Page opened

Anglesea Coast Action became the ANGAIR special interest group Friends of the Anglesea Coast

Weed Herbarium completed

Fungi herbarium commenced



Plant study group established

Anglesea endemic Angahook Caladenia, Caladenia maritima, listed under FFG Act



Library catalogue online

Brochure Fungi of the Surf Coast Shire published



Peter Godfrey bequest directed to Aireys Inlet cliff top project and cliff walk brochure

New series of fauna cards by Kaye Traynor launched at annual dinner

Kangaroo Advisory Group came under ANGAIR’s auspices

Members invited to contribute to ANGAIR’s Facebook Page



ANGAIR Wildflower and Art Weekend 2015 received The 2016 Surf Coast Shire Event of the Year Award

Permit granted for relocation of Propagation Group in the Community Precinct

Brochure Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet published

Brochure Discovering the Aireys Inlet Cliff Walk published

Digital Asset Management project to consolidate ANGAIR’s extensive collection of flora and fauna knowledge commenced with funding from the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust



ANGAIR Indigenous Plant Centre formally opened by Mayor Brian McKiterick

Painkalac Reservoir officially opened to the public for walking, birdwatching and recreational fishing. ANGAIR had lobbied for limited passive recreational activities

Legislation to incorporate 6510ha of the Anglesea Heath into the Great Otway National Park passed by both houses of the Victorian parliament. ANGAIR had campaigned for this



Ceremony to celebrate incorporation of the Anglesea Heath into the Great Otway National Park

ANGAIR hosted ANN tenth biennial gathering at Anglesea



Celebration of ANGAIR’s 50th anniversary on April 27


 You can read more details about ANGAIR's achievements and milestones in ANGAIR: the first 50 years.


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