ANGAIR plays an active educational role in talking to students and other community groups – developing an awareness and an understanding of the biodiversity of the area and in assisting school and university students with their research projects.

Social evenings with guest speakers are held on several occasions throughout the year.

For details, check out the ANGAIR events calendar.

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Sun 10:00am - 12:00pm

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Moths: Treasures in the night

At ANGAIR's Social Evening on 27 August 2010, Marilyn Hewish showed us some of our most gorgeous and bizarre local moths and described how her work fits into exciting new developments in the study of Victorian moths. She said: “Moths get bad press, derided as ‘small and brown’, with destructive caterpillars that eat clothes and precious plants. But moths have their own place in the ecology of the natural world, and some of the Victorian ones are astonishingly large and colourful.” Thank you Marilyn, for this fascinating and informative presentation.

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